The need for an online presence is undeniable today.

Weaverize positions itself as a trusted partner to guide your business through all its projects related to the digital world. We provide you with our expertise and all our skills in the digital domain.

Driven by a passion for our profession, we consistently stay at the forefront of trends in management, design, creation, and development of websites.

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The creation of applications is embedded in the DNA of Weaverize, dating back to a time before the company’s establishment. We started by developing an online video editing application, providing a user-friendly and collaborative experience accessible both on smartphones and browsers. (1) (3)

To expand your prospect base and promote your business, online presence is crucial nowadays.

At Weaverize, we offer you the opportunity to revitalize or create a website that perfectly reflects your identity. Our specialists guide you throughout your project, ensuring your success on the web. We have established a dedicated platform for selling websites, simplifying the process while giving you total control over your project.

Explore our turnkey solutions, carefully designed to meet your needs and reflect your values ! (1) (3)
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At Weaverize, we specialize in image processing. Through our numerous collaborations, we have developed innovative technologies to meet the specific needs of our clients. Professionalism, inventiveness, and curiosity are the values to which we are committed to assisting you in developing your project.

Step 1

Feasibility study

Step 2

Creation of a functional prototype

Step 3

Alpha phase

Step 4

Beta phase

Step 5


Weaverize has an “Agile” and “Lean” approach to IT development.

The objective of this method is to quickly reach a basic but functional version of the project, in order to present it to the client. The project is then improved and enriched gradually, thanks to regular points with the customer. This approach makes it possible to confront reality as soon as possible, in order to be able to change direction quickly if necessary.

The regular involvement in the progress of the project allows the client to certify its progress, and to make certain functionalities a priority. The project is also used during its development, it is therefore possible to quickly detect potential bugs and to correct them promptly.

This approach makes it possible to create an achievement in line with the client’s needs and wishes, while offering superior quality work compared to a traditional approach.

Step 1 :

Feasibility study

Typically, a project is first evaluated in a feasibility study. This study aims to verify, from a technical and budgetary point of view, that the project is viable.

The feasibility study is also an opportunity to explore the different technologies that can be implemented, and to compare them in order to propose only the most relevant.

Step 2 :

Creation of a functional prototype

The second step is to create a working prototype. This implements the technologies identified during the feasibility study, which have been validated by the customer. The goal is to provide a basic but functional version of the project.

The prototype focuses only on the main functional aspects. At this stage, no effort is made in terms of ergonomics or optimization of treatments. These points will be dealt with later in the development of the project.

STEP 3 :

Alpha phase

Once the prototype is made, we begin the first phase of development actively involving the customer. This trial version is commonly referred to as the alpha phase. As features are improved and added to the package, there is a need to work in parallel on design and ergonomics. During this step, the customer already accesses the application.

This access under development allows him to have a clearer vision of how he would like to arrange the interface, and the interactions he would like to put in place. Once the design is finalized, it is integrated into the production.

STEP 4 :

Beta phase

Once the design is integrated into the production, we enter the beta phase which consists of checking that everything is working correctly. The objective of this phase is to increase the number of users of the realization, in order to confront it with the reality of everyday use. These users will bring a variability which should lead to the emergence of unsuspected bugs and uses.

This is an opportunity to adapt the design to the reality of uses and to correct any bugs found. The beta phase concludes some time after the start of production.

Step 5 :


At this stage, the realization is finally considered as delivered to the customer and the service ends. A warranty period, typically 3 months, is provided. During this period, we intervene to correct any dysfunction that may appear.

The addition of new functionalities or the modification of the design are the subject of separate “evolutionary maintenance” services. For major maintenance, the methodology should be applied.


Weaverize, your R&D partner in the development of innovative applications.