Nos réalisations : Terristoria

Terristoria is an automatic, universal and contributory audio guide.

As the movement progresses, the user’s geographical position automatically triggers audio sequences on the elements of the cultural and natural heritage of the regions crossed.

The engine of this travel companion is offered in white label, online or offline, free or paid and enriched with other functions.

When creating this application, we had to do different parts:

  • A hybrid mobile application, developed in Javascipt and using the Cordova frameworks and using the Polymer library from Google. 
  • A point of interest administration backend, developed in Javascript based on Google’s Polymer library.
  • An API server developed in Node.js using the Loopback framework.

The application is available in a web version at www.terristoria.com, as well as on the Android and IOS stores.

Teristoria app navigation page
Record of a Terristoria Application Interest Point

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