Since the project developed for Orbisight and continued for the startup SpreadTheLive, Weaverize has acquired solid competence in the embedded (IOT) in particular on platforms like the Jetson range of Nvidia and the Raspberry Pi. Weaverize through a consortium with the Corrosia company is the winner of the Ponts Connectés call for projects. We will jointly develop a solution for real-time and automated detection of corrosion on bridges in aerial shots by drone.


Since 2017 and the creation of the Orbisight project, Weaverize has been interested in the development of embedded applications, in particular applications related to video. So we have developed the system marketed by Orbisight for tourism promotion respecting the anonymity of people. This achievement was presented at CES in Las Vegas in 2018. This work was continued within the Alacrite France incubator to develop the technologies marketed by the startup SpreadTheLive.


The following embedded applications are some of our works:

4K smart camera service allowing tourism promotion while respecting the anonymity of people (dynamic blurring). Creation of Gstreamer plugins for real-time processing on Cuda of the video stream. Presented at CES in Las Vegas in 2018.

Live broadcast service of sports events on Youtube with camera control by a mobile application connected to an API. Creation of a C ++ infrastructure for live control, stream wrapping and broadcasting. Creation in particular of an implementation of the WebRTC protocol for real-time viewing of the stream on desktop or phone.

Feasability study

5G cloud gaming platform on Raspberry Pi 4 using Nvidia Shield technology. Study carried out as part of the 5G Challenge of the European Metropolis of Lille (MEL) and Orange.

Feasability study

Control and programming of video filming robots by a web application on Android. Using a Raspberry Pi Nano to interface with the robot.