App building has been part of Weaverize’s DNA since even before the company was founded. We started by creating an easy and collaborative online video editing application available on smartphone or browser.

Since 2015 we follow the philosophy of what has become the progressive web apps (PWA). We make most of our applications with web technologies so that we only have one version of our code for different uses (Android, iOS, web browser, desktop application). Much is possible on the web today, for the rest it is still possible to use native plugins. A well-made PWA application is impossible to distinguish from a native application: it performs the same, looks the same, is installable, and it works offline.

To function, our applications often rely on an API that allows them to centralize data. Building APIs is also part of our DNA.


We make our applications from reusable web components. This allows us to quickly create a new application by reusing components from our previous achievements. Each application benefits from the improvements made by the others.


Most of the time we use the Vue.js framework. It allows compatibility with all frameworks and is based as close as possible to the standards and resources available in the browsers. We also master the React framework.


The following apps are some of our works:

Application of video commentary to facilitate discussions around video editing

Mobile audio guide for exploring territories


Biological sampling assistant for Covid-19 detection